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WMC Testifies in Support of Worker’s Compensation Reform Bill

WMC’s Director of Workforce, Education and Employment Policy Rachel Ver Velde, submitted testimony in support of AB 911, the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council’s agreed upon bill for the 2021-22 session. In January 2022, the Senate Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform voted to introduce the agreed upon bill in the Senate as well.

The initiatives of the bill were based off of the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council’s analysis and negotiations. Among the proposals in this bill are clarifications that specify the circumstances under which an employer becomes subject to the worker’s compensation law and what entities are responsible for providing worker’s compensation coverage. It also curtails wage expansion in most instances where a part time employee’s wages are increased to full time for the purposes of calculating benefits, and it increases the cap on the maximum amount of weekly permanent partial disability benefits a claimant may receive.

Read the full testimony and list of worker’s compensation reforms here.




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