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October is Manufacturing Month

About Manufacturing Month

Due to retirements and economic expansion, there will be significant opportunities for employment in Wisconsin’s manufacturing industry, underscoring the need to ensure a robust talent pipeline now and in the years to come. In fact, according to The Manufacturing Institute, 2.1 million manufacturing jobs in the U.S. could go unfilled by 2030 due to the labor shortage. Manufacturing Month helps to promote manufacturing as a viable career in Wisconsin in an attempt to fill these much-needed jobs.

To highlight the state’s top industry, which contributes $68 billion a year in economic output to the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), WMC will be promoting numerous manufacturing-focused events in October, meeting with manufacturers around the state and, once again, crowning the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin.

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Manufacturing Month

Get Invovled

Host an Event

Host a tour of your manufacturing facility, participate in the coolest thing Made in Wisconsin competition, learn more about The Manufacturing Institute and apply for the Annual Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award program.

Follow these three simple steps to host an event for Manufacturing Month:

  1. Register your event on and e-mail the date, time, location, and contact person to Nick Novak608.258.3400.
  2. Contact your local chamber of commerce, school district and media outlets to encourage them to attend.

Are You a Great Manufacturer?

Apply for the Annual Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award program.

The Manufacturing Institute

Today’s emerging workers are the solution to the workforce challenges of the present and future. The Manufacturing Institute’s key programs and initiatives provide hands-on solutions and best practices on a national scale.

Equipping today’s workers with the skills, network and knowledge to build the future workforce is mission critical for the Manufacturing Institute.

Among business leaders and the American workforce, The Manufacturing Institute creates and facilitates best-in-class workforce and education programs that support and grow the manufacturing workforce through professional development, skills training and industry-leading research.

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Every year, about 200,000 men and women transition out of the military, and many need assistance finding a new career that utilizes their talents and supports their growth.

The Manufacturing Institute is committed to empowering today’s American Heroes to become tomorrow’s manufacturing leaders.

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Decades ago, manufacturing set the stage for the march of women into the workforce. Today, The Manufacturing Institute inspires the next generation of female industry leadership. Women are critical to manufacturing’s future and represent one of its largest untapped talent pools.

Women today account for less than 1 in 3 manufacturing workers, despite representing about half of the overall workforce.

Closing manufacturers’ gender gap is key to addressing manufacturing’s workforce crisis. That’s why The Manufacturing Institute is working to empower women through recognition, research and leadership, encouraging them to engage their skills in modern manufacturing and supporting their efforts to pay it forward and mentor the next generation.

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Wisconsin Celebrates October as Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing is the number one contributor to Wisconsin’s booming economy, producing more than $68 billion in total output in 2021 – nearly 20 percent of Wisconsin’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Additionally, the state’s roughly 9,200 manufacturing companies employ about 1 in 6 workers in Wisconsin. 

“Manufacturing is the backbone of our state’s economy, and the hardworking men and women of this industry deserve to be celebrated,” said WMC President & CEO Kurt Bauer. “Throughout October, we hope to educate young Wisconsinites about the rewarding careers available in manufacturing along with highlighting the outsized impact the industry has on our state.”

Throughout the month of October, manufacturers all across the state are opening their doors to communities and Wisconsinites to showcase the industry and highlight the rewarding careers available to those interested in manufacturing.

A full list of events throughout the state is available by clicking here.

“Manufacturing Month gives employers, educators and others a timely opportunity to discuss the family-supporting careers that are available in the industry,” Bauer added. “Our state’s manufacturers continue to grow, and they need a ready and talented workforce to take advantage of these outstanding careers.”

To celebrate Manufacturing Month, WMC will be promoting numerous manufacturing-focused events in October, meeting with manufacturers around the state and, once again, crowning the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin on Oct. 19 at its annual Business Day event.

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Event and Tours

During manufacturing month, WMC holds events and tours at manufacturing facilities across the state. Click here to see events hosted in your area in October.

Contact Nick Novak, 608-258-3400, to post an event or tour in your area.