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WMC Issues Mobilization Council

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WMC uses mass media to educate the public about the importance of jobs and a strong economy. Our award-winning issue advocacy is recognized as one of the best of any state chamber of commerce in the nation. WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc. (WMC IMC) — our issue advocacy fund — has raised and spent more than $63 million to educate the public about jobs, the economy, regulations, taxes, and which politicians are pro-business and which are not. We give the information to Wisconsin residents, and let the people decide. Our issue advocacy program does not engage in election advocacy, but instead educates Wisconsin residents about the public policy choices confronting our families.

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If you would prefer to pay by check, please make checks payable to Issues Mobilization Council and mail your donation to:

501 E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

Under law, corporate and individual contributions to WMC IMC are not limited. Donor identities are not subject to disclosure. Questions? Call 608.258.3400.

*Contributions are not deductible as a charitable contribution. 100% is attributable to lobbying as defined in the Internal Revenue Code, and therefore is not deductible as an ordinary business expense. Please consult your tax advisor for guidance.

Paid for by WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc. WMC IMC is a separate organization established by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce to deliver the business message and promote grassroots activity to support the business agenda. WMC IMC is organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Corporate contributions are accepted and kept confidential. There are no contribution limits under law. WMC IMC issue advocacy does not expressly advocate the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate, as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Wisconsin Supreme Court. (Buckly v. Valeo/Wisconsin State Elections Board v. WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc.) It is our understanding that your financial support for WMC IMC is an unrestricted, general support grant and is not earmarked or targeted support for any specific WMC IMC activity.