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Wisconsin Employer Survey

The Wisconsin Employer Survey is conducted twice a year by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) — the combined state chamber and manufacturers association. The assessment provides a snapshot of where Wisconsin’s employers stand on a number of important issues and outlines their economic outlook for both Wisconsin and the United States. For the Winter 2023 edition, WMC surveyed 164 employers that make up a representative sample of its membership. Businesses of all sizes, industries and geographic locations in Wisconsin participated. 

Wisconsin employer survey graphic


A new survey of Wisconsin businesses revealed increased economic uncertainty at the start of 2023, with a majority saying a recession is looming. According to the Wisconsin Employer Survey, 60 percent of businesses believe the Wisconsin economy will enter a recession this year.


On track with previous surveys, 85 percent of businesses are struggling to hire. The workforce shortage has kept unemployment rates low, while driving up wages. According to the Wisconsin Employer Survey, one third of businesses plan to increase wages by more than four percent in 2023, and 84 percent plan to increase wages by three percent or more.

State Policy

The Winter 2023 survey found the workforce shortage to be the top public policy issue facing the state. Many businesses believe lowering the tax burden will help improve the situation.  Additionally, employers overwhelmingly support universal school choice as a means to combat the workforce shortage, with 83 percent responding in favor of expanding school choice.