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Wisconsin Employer Survey

The Wisconsin Employer Survey is conducted twice a year by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) — the combined state chamber and manufacturers association. The assessment provides a snapshot of where Wisconsin’s employers stand on a number of important issues and outlines their economic outlook for both Wisconsin and the United States. For the Winter 2022 edition, WMC surveyed 265 employers that make up a representative sample of its membership. Businesses of all sizes, industries and geographic locations in Wisconsin participated. The survey was released in three separate reports on topics including: the economy; supply chain and inflation; and state and federal policies.

Wisconsin employer survey graphic


A new survey of Wisconsin businesses found that 88 percent of them are struggling to hire, and the workforce shortage is leading to even higher wage increases than last year. According to the Wisconsin Employer Survey, more than eight in 10 companies plan to raise wages by three percent or more in 2022.

Supply Chain & Inflation

 A new survey of Wisconsin businesses found that nearly half of them have seen costs increase by over 10 percent thanks to historically high inflation. According to the Wisconsin Employer Survey, 82 percent of employers have been negatively impacted by inflation and one in five companies have seen costs go up by more than 20 percent.

State & Federal Policy

A new survey of Wisconsin businesses found that nearly 80 percent of employers support a taxpayer-funded talent attraction campaign amidst the persistent and wide-spread workforce shortage. According to the Wisconsin Employer Survey, 70 percent of Wisconsin businesses cite the labor shortage and lack of qualified applicants as the top public policy issue facing the state.