Wisconsin human resources professionals are an integral part of our state’s workforce. They have to know many facets of employment law, health care policy, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation issues.

Human Resources professionals face challenges such as:

  • State regulations that parallel federal employment laws are often inconsistent, resulting in administrative burdens and additional compliance costs;
  • Health care costs for Wisconsin Workers Compensation Claimants continue to rise faster than those costs in most other states;
  • Wisconsin’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund is currently running a deficit and the UI program is operating with loans from the federal government that will need to be repaid.

To address these problems, WMC is actively pursuing the following reforms:

  • Conform Wisconsin’s employment laws, especially the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act, to federal law;
  • Repeal the compensatory and punitive damages remedy that was recently incorporated into the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, the body of law that provides for protection from workplace discrimination;
  • Pursue reforms through the Wisconsin Workers Compensation Advisory Council, on which WMC is a voting member, to restrain the growth of health care costs;
  • Work through the Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council, on which WMC is a voting member, to bring the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund into balance in a way that is fair and equitable to Wisconsin workers and all Wisconsin employers.


Recent Accomplishment:

WMC launched a court challenge to a new state law enacted in 2010 that would have limited
the rights of Wisconsin employers to communicate with their workers in the context of union
organizing campaigns.  The court upheld the WMC challenge, and the law was struck down
within months of its enactment.


  • Federalize Wisconsin labor and employment laws where it makes sense to have employer and employee rights and responsibilities to be consistent with federal law
  • Seek to fairly control rising workers compensation health care costs.
  • Support reforms to the Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance program that will fairly and equitably bring the system into balance.

Staff Contact: Chris Reader   Follow Chris @ReaderWMC