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Wisconsin Manufacturing Quiz: Ten of the Coolest Things Made in Wisconsin

Madison – Wisconsin manufacturers make some of the coolest products on Earth. Take the quiz below from the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin competition.
Please publish the Manufacturing Quiz below along with the answers. Voting starts Saturday for the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin finalists. Visit to vote. And, click here to register for the State of Wisconsin Business luncheon. Wisconsin celebrates Manufacturing Month in October.
Test your knowledge of state products and where they are made from the nominees for the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin competition, sponsored by WMC, Wisconsin’s chamber of commerce, and Johnson Financial Group.

  1. Brats were a staple in many Wisconsin communities, but none more so than in Sheboygan County. Name the company that standardized brat production and became the world-wide leader in bratwurst and the city where the company is located.
  2. Founded in 1922, this American shoe manufacturer makes premium shoes and accessories for men. The shoes are the preferred shoes of Presidents of the U.S., CEOs and well-groomed men around the world. Name the brand and the company’s hometown.
  3. Name the original citrus soda and the only place in the world that bottles it in returnable bottles with granulated sugar. Name the product, the company and the hometown.
  4. This company manufactures the windows and many of the body panels for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race cars. Name the company and the hometown.
  5. These yachts are the pride and joy of Pulaski, Wisconsin and many of them regularly retail for more than $1 million. Name the company.
  6. What is a wireless camera system to allow farmers to view their animals over the internet and where’s the hometown?
  7. This iconic company introduced the motorcycle to the world. What’s the company and hometown?
  8. Brass diving helmets aren’t just for science fiction. They are made in Wisconsin by which company and in what city?
  9. There is only one manufacturer of this specific cheese in the U.S. Name the cheese, the manufacturer and this Swiss-dominated hometown.
  10. In the event of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, the first responders will take charge in this state-of-the-art rapid response vehicle. Name the vehicle, the manufacturer and the hometown.

ANSWERS to the Wisconsin Manufacturing Quiz 

  1. Johnsonville Sausage, LLC, Sheboygan Falls
  2. Allen Edmonds Corporation, Port Washington
  3. Sun Drop, Twig’s Soda, Shawano
  4. Five Star Fabricating, Twin Lakes
  5. Carver and Marquis Yachts
  6. Saddlebrook Barn Cams, Oconomowoc
  7. Harley-Davidson, Inc., Milwaukee
  8. Desco, Milwaukee
  9. Limburger cheese, Chalet Cheese Cooperative, Monroe
  10. Customized Mobile Command Centers, LDV – Lynch Diversified Vehicles, Burlington

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