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WMC Launches Statewide Digital Ad Campaign Calling on Gov. Evers to Address Workforce Shortage Emergency

MADISON- Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) launched a statewide digital ad campaign on Saturday through its affiliate, WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc. The ad calls on Gov. Tony Evers to end the federal pandemic-related unemployment benefits that are encouraging people to stay home amid a workforce shortage emergency.

The targeted 30-second digital ad is running throughout Wisconsin highlighting Gov. Evers’ inaction on the issue.

For weeks, WMC has led a coalition of local chambers and other business associations to urge Gov. Evers to end Wisconsin’s participation in the federal pandemic-related unemployment benefits. Claimants can receive $300-a-week on top of the state’s max of $370 in unemployment benefits – the equivalent of nearly $17-per-hour.

Thanks to the expanded benefits, not only are businesses competing with each other for talent, they are being forced to compete with the government.

“Gov. Evers’ lack of leadership on addressing our workforce shortage crisis is irresponsible and will cause irreparable damage to Wisconsin’s economy,” said WMC Executive Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley. “The governor should act immediately to end these expanded unemployment benefits before it is too late. Without any action, businesses may soon be forced to close permanently due to a lack of available workers.”

WMC and the business community strongly urge Gov. Evers to end the pandemic-related unemployment benefits and encourage people to reenter Wisconsin’s workforce.




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