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Wisconsin Business Community Concerned About Public Education System

For the first time on its survey, WMC asked Wisconsin employers about whether the public school system is adequately preparing students for the workforce. Six in ten employers are saying they have employees who struggle to read or do math. WMC’s Senior Director of Workforce, Education & Employment Policy Rachel Ver Velde joined Jay Weber to discuss the results of the survey.

“We’re hearing from members that they’re not even considering expanding in Wisconsin because of the difficulties they’re facing with the workforce, both the inability to do basic skills and also the lack of workers,” shared Ver Velde.

Employers are having to pay for remedial education in order for their employees to have the basic skills necessary to perform their jobs. Ver Velde says that choice and charter schools, which are outperforming their public counterparts, should be expanded. Additionally, public schools need to provide more opportunities for students to have work-based experience and expand apprenticeship programs.