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Scott Manley Previews the Results of WMC’s Summer Employer Survey

WMC Executive Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley joined Wisconsin Public Radio to preview the results of the latest Summer Employer Survey.

“We’re seeing a noticeable drop in optimism in how employers view Wisconsin’s economy and how they view the U.S. economy. Inflation is also a significant issue,” said Manley. “In this survey, almost two thirds, 65 percent of employers have said that their costs have increased by at least 10 percent. In many instances, those cost increases that producers are experiencing haven’t even been passed onto consumers yet.”

“In addition, 87 percent of employers surveyed said they’re having trouble hiring workers. It was 88 percent six months ago, so we really haven’t seen much improvement,” added Manley. “I think we’re going to continue to see wage increases, and see employers offering more flexibility to their workers including allowing remote work.”

Listen here.