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Wanted: Wisconsin-made Products for Display at Madison College During Manufacturing Month

Madison College (MATC) is planning a month-long exhibition recognizing and celebrating Wisconsin manufacturing. As a technical college, many of their programs provide highly trained employees to all facets of manufacturing and production in our state. This exhibit is meant to be a show of products made here in Wisconsin that would evidence the breadth, diversity and ingenuity of contemporary manufacturing. Additionally, this exhibit is meant to attract students into programs which will educate and train them for success in these fields.
Madison College is looking for pieces with strong visual presence that demonstrate the latest in design, process, and invention. They are looking for everything from boat motors to scientific instruments, high tech implements and agricultural tools. They want classic hardware and cutting edge prototypes. The goal is to showcase the mosaic of creativity that is Wisconsin manufacturing, and ultimately the “can-do” spirit of Wisconsin will result in a truly spectacular display.
Contact Chris Gargan or Nancy Herzog for additional information, 608.246.6374.




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