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Support SB 164, creating an income and franchise tax credit

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) respectfully requests support of SB 164. WMC is a long-standing supporter of initiatives to reduce Wisconsin health care costs and to help preserve affordable access to high-quality health care. Rising health care costs are a major concern for businesses, both big and small, as they strive to stay competitive and create and retain good, family-sustaining jobs. Two-thirds of the Wisconsin population is covered by employment-based health insurance, but rising health care costs are jeopardizing the ability of Wisconsin employers to offer good health care benefits to their workers. In general, WMC supports patient-centered reforms aimed at increasing consumer choices and competition to help keep health care costs under control. Given appropriate financial incentives to spur them to act and access to quality and outcome data on which to base their actions, consumers are the surest way to stem the rising cost of health care. Consequently, WMC supports a multi-faceted approach to health care reform, a key component of our which is encouraging Wisconsin businesses to promote living healthier lifestyles by their employees. (read more)




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