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Reform Employment Laws

Legislative Agenda

Wage and benefit mandates, and other employment regulations, drive up costs and affect the ability of Wisconsin business to compete in national and international markets. We need to reduce this regulatory burden by establishing state/federal consistency wherever possible, and by streamlining the administration and enforcement of these laws in Wisconsin.


State/Federal Consistency
Eliminate unnecessary differences between the state and federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, to avoid confusion and improve administrative efficiency.

Clarify Misconduct Rules
Develop a clear definition of what constitutes employee misconduct for the purposes of denying unemployment insurance benefits.

Promote Cooperative Labor/ Management Policymaking
Promote the continued use of the Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Advisory Councils as the primary policymaking vehicles for these two programs.

Control Worker’s Compensation Health Care Costs
Expand Worker’s Compensation health care cost containment mechanisms.

Discourage Inflated or Fraudulent Benefit Claims
Expand the options for investigating and prosecuting inflated or fraudulent benefit claims in the Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Systems.

Protect the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund
Preserve Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund solvency by appropriately enhancing revenue, controlling costs and prohibiting the diversion of UI Trust Fund dollars to unrelated programs.




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