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July 26, 2012 – WMC Transportation Committee Meeting

7-26-2012 Counsel Report
7-26-2012 staff report

9 a.m.    Call to Order
Introductions – Jason Culotta
9:05       Discussion Topics

  • Adoption of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization – Jason Culotta
    • Impact on Wisconsin
    • Potential Impacts of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization on Pending Regulatory Issues Affecting Shippers and Carriers – John Varda
      • Truck Size and Weight
      • CSA and Accident Causality
      • EOBRs
      • Extending FMSCRs to Shippers
      • Freight Rail Update – Jason Culotta & John Varda
        • Review of July 10th Midwest Area Rail Shippers (MARS) conference
        • Report on Wisconsin Central Group activity
        • Status of Highway 41 Overweight Exemption – Jason Culotta
        • Railroad Fuel Surcharge Antitrust Cases – An Effective Way to Make Transportation Policy? – John Varda
        • Counsel’s Report
        • WMC Staff Report
        • Adjourn




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