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A Success Story A Day: Kapco Inc.

Kapco Inc.
Kapco Inc.

Company: Kapco Inc.
Location: Grafton
Founded in: 1972
What they do: Kapco manufactures metal components for customers needing stamping, fabrication and welding work.
How they’re growing: With more than 350 employees already, Kapco is in the process of adding 100 new jobs as part of a $14 million dollar expansion of its Grafton facility. This investment in financial and human capital will allow the company to compete in new markets and industries previously not possible. This is essential in catapulting Kapco to a level playing field with competitors throughout the U.S.
Kapco prides itself in obtaining skilled workforce for family-supporting wages to continue growing the company. The company works with many Wisconsin support organizations for recruiting, including, Veterans’ organizations, Wisconsin Workforce Development and other employment assistance entities, in an attempt to reach displaced skilled workers.
What they’re saying: “We are very pleased to be able to continue to grow the Kapco family of companies. This not only allows us to provide family-sustaining jobs, but is the engine that propels our strong tradition, desire and commitment to giving back to the great community in which we live and work.”
– Hani Malek, Kapco Vice President of Corporate Development




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