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A Success Story A Day: Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

Oct20_SubZeroImageCompany: Sub-Zero Group, Inc.
Location: Fitchburg, WI
Founded in: 1945
What they do: Sub-Zero Group, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of premium appliance brands
Sub-Zero, the refrigeration specialist and Wolf, the cooking specialist. The company celebrates a milestone this year, with 70 years of innovation, performance and quality.
How they’re growing: Sub-Zero Group, Inc. is a third generation, family owned company with over 50 luxury showrooms around the globe, and a passion for excellence. It introduced its most aggressive product roll-out in the company’s history over the last 2 years, with more than 70 new models for both brands. To meet demand from a robust remodeling and new construction market, the company is expanding its 66-acre Fitchburg campus to 99 acres to accommodate a 400,000-square-foot addition to its current Wolf facility. The Wolf plant will more than double in size to reach 755,000 square feet. It is adjacent to the Sub-Zero Built-in plant and the Westye F. Bakke training center. Construction is now under way and the project is expected to be completed in late 2016.
What they’re saying: “As we approached this expansion, we reviewed our facility planning to best utilize our resources to meet increased demand and expected growth for the Wolf cooking brand, and to produce our new line of dishwashers under the new brand Cove launching in 2017,” said James J. Bakke, company president and CEO. “We are concentrating on lean state-of-the-art manufacturing practices to ensure our leading edge quality control and flexibility, and to maintain a leadership position in the face of changing market demands and competition.”




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