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A Success Story A Day: Standex International Corporation

Company: Standex International Corporation
Location: New Berlin
Founded in: 1955
What they do: Standex specializes in precision manufacturing including, metal spinning, heat treating, machining and press forming for the aerospace industry.
How they’re growing: Headquartered in Salem, New Hampshire, Standex is in the midst of building a 50,000 square foot facility in New Berlin, with future plans to expand the building by an additional 50,000 square feet. This new facility will support Standex’s Spincraft division, which fabricates and spins metals for wing and tank components. The increased space for these activities will initially support new contracts with Airbus, but will eventually support other relationships with top firms across the aerospace industry. The new location will also allow Standex to strengthen a long-term relationship with one of the premier aircraft providers in the world, with the potential to develop additional expansions of product manufacturing, and job creation in the long term.
Along with the facility, Standex is seeking to invest $11 million dollars in new spinning and milling equipment to maintain its relationship with Airbus. And in the process, the company will seek and train highly skilled workers from the Wisconsin labor force; offering family supportive wages with strong benefits packages.




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