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A Success Story A Day: Minhas Craft Brewery (Mountain Crest SRL LLC)

Minhas Craft Brewery
Minhas Craft Brewery

Company: Minhas Craft Brewery (Mountain Crest SRL LLC)
Location: Monroe
Founded in: 2005
What they do: Minhas is the 16th largest craft beer brewery in the nation.
How they’re growing: In late 2005, Minhas Craft Brewery purchased the Monroe Brewery, which had been in business since 1845. Since that time, Minhas invested more than $10 million in brewery upgrades to the Monroe facilities to help the company grow from the 50th largest to 16th largest craft brewery in the U.S.
Today, Minhas continues to expand by investing more than $700,000 for additional packaging equipment and warehousing facilities, as well as the addition of third shift production operations.




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