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A Success Story A Day: Kohler Power Systems

Company: Kohler Power Systems
Location: Kohler (Sheboygan County)
Founded in: 1873
What they do: Kohler Power Systems, a division of the Kohler Co., produces standby and prime generators for homes, small businesses, hospitals, telecommunication relay stations, commercial office buildings, hotels and other businesses.
How they’re growing: Kohler Co. is investing $11.8 million to construct and equip an expansion to its facility in Sheboygan.  Kohler has committed to create 331 new positions in addition to retaining the 1,000 positions in Mosel and Saukville. The project also includes the construction of a 100,000-square-foot expansion of the Mosel facility in Sheboygan County, which will allow the company to increase the manufacturing footprint and capabilities of the metal processing center and the large industrial generator assembly lines.
What they’re saying: “We expect the power generation industry and our share of the market to continue to grow. With the additional space we will reconfigure our production lines, expand capacity and centralize production of large industrial generators at this facility.” – Larry Bryce, president, Kohler Power Systems




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