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A Success Story A Day: Inter-Med Inc.

Inter-Med Inc
Inter-Med Inc

Company: Inter-Med Inc.
Location: Racine
Founded in: 1994
What they do: Inter-Med develops and manufactures patent-holding technologies in the field of oral cancer screening devices.
How they’re growing: Growing out of its initial leased space, Inter-Med invested more than $1 million to acquire and update a new facility in its hometown of Racine. The new facilities will create an appropriate space to accommodate its research, manufacturing and warehousing operations that contribute to its 19 patents, with 19 additional applications pending.
The company currently employs 46 people full-time. However, once the expansion is complete, Inter-med will nearly double its employment base by adding 43 more people over the next three years to continue manufacturing an oral cancer screening device, cordless ultrasonic devices and endodontic solutions.




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