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A Success Story A Day: Cadence, Inc.

Cadence, Inc.
Cadence, Inc.

Company: Cadence, Inc.
Location: Sturgeon Bay
Founded in: 1985
What they do: Cadence, Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced products, technologies and services to medical, automotive, defense, and industrial markets worldwide. Cadence’s Sturgeon Bay facility specializes in metal stamping and plastic injection molding services, manufacturing complex components for their customers.
How they’re growing: On May 21, 2015, Cadence, Inc., broke ground on a new 62,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility located in the Sturgeon Bay Industrial Park at 1425 S. Neenah Avenue in Sturgeon Bay. The new facility is slated to open in late spring of 2016 and will be nearly three times the size of the current facility located at 512 S. Columbia Avenue in Sturgeon Bay. The new facility will enable Cadence’s Sturgeon Bay team to expand their production capacity and add new technologies to support an expanding customer base.
What they’re saying: “I am pleased not only for our customers and employees, but also for the community of Sturgeon Bay. We fully expect that this expansion will create many job opportunities over the next several years.” – Sandy Sekadlo, VP of Manufacturing for Cadence’s Wisconsin facility




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