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A Success Story A Day: Biery Cheese Co.

Company: Biery Cheese Co.
Location: Plover (Portage County)
Founded in: 1929
What they do: Provides chunks, shreds, slices, diced, cubes and snacking cheeses to customers around the world.
How they’re growing: This four-generation Ohio-based company is investing $19.7 million in equipment and upgrades at its recently purchased facility in Plover. Once complete, the project is expected to create 31 new jobs and retain 111 positions. Biery has been operating in Wisconsin since November 2013, when it purchased the Kickapoo Valley Cheese Corp. in Sherry.
What they’re saying: “It is a tremendous honor to be able to contribute to the area and invest in our people so that we can prepare for future strategic growth opportunities.”- Ben Biery, company CEO




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