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WMC Urges Buy Wisconsin!

MADISON – Wisconsin families and businesses need to stand up to government union intimidation and purchase goods and services from state businesses to save jobs, WMC said Thursday.

“Wisconsin businesses are struggling to come out of the recession,” said James S. Haney, WMC president. “We need to buy Wisconsin to help protect jobs and keep our state strong. If businesses fail, we lose jobs and government loses tax revenue to provide vital programs like education.”

A group of government unions gave Wisconsin businesses until today to disavow a new collective bargaining law. If the businesses did not make a public repudiation, the boycott was slated to start today.

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association, Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 311, Madison Teachers Inc., Green Bay Education Association, Dane County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Madison Professional Police Officers, and many others have sent letters to various Wisconsin businesses urging them to publicly oppose recently passed collective bargaining changes for government workers.

Haney said he can’t understand why these unions would want to hurt working middle class families.

“We need to stand up and support Wisconsin businesses and buy goods and services from our home grown companies,” Haney said. “When we buy from Wisconsin companies we help keep jobs in Wisconsin.”

Haney said businesses should stand firm and not give in to the union demands. “Many times, these boycotts backfire and actually result in companies getting more business,” Haney said.

Haney said if business owners are threatened or extorted, they should contact their local district attorney. “Some of these tactics may be illegal and should be investigated by law enforcement,” Haney said. “Businesses who are threatened or harassed for their beliefs should call their county district attorney to report these incidents.”

James S. Haney, (608) 258-3400





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