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WMC Responds to Gov. Evers Vetoing Pro-Consumer Energy Bills

MADISON – Today, Governor Evers vetoed three bills – AB 141, AB 142, and SB 49 – that would have protected consumer access to gas-powered vehicles and equipment, as well as access to natural gas for home heating. In response, Craig Summerfield, WMC’s Director of Environmental & Energy Policy, released the following statement:

“Wisconsin’s business community is deeply disappointed by the vetoes of these pro-consumer energy bills. AB 141 and AB 142 were supported by a broad coalition of business trade organizations and vehicle enthusiasts, as the overwhelming majority of Wisconsin businesses and consumers depend on gas-powered motor vehicles and products. The bills simply ensured continued consumer access to affordable and reliable leaf blowers, lawn mowers, snow blowers, cars, motorcycles, trucks and many other products.

“In addition, the veto of SB 49 is just as troubling, as it would have protected consumer access to natural gas. The natural gas distribution system is especially reliable, and 75% of Wisconsin homes use natural gas. Twenty-four states enacted similar legislation to SB 49 with bipartisan support – making today’s veto all the more perplexing.

“Energy decisions should be dictated by energy consumers, not heavy-handed government mandates. Today’s vetoes are a step backward for Wisconsin businesses, families and every consumer seeking to use the most affordable and reliable energy products.”

Specifically, the bills would have done the following:

• SB 49 – Prohibit state/local restrictions on utility service based on the energy source. For example, the bill would prohibit a municipal ban on natural gas service lines.
• AB 141 – Prohibit state/local restrictions on the sale or use of a device based on the energy source, such as a ban on a gas-powered leaf blower or lawn mower.
• AB 142 – Prohibit state/local restrictions on the sale or use of motor vehicles based on the power source, such as a ban on gas-powered cars or trucks.





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