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WMC Ads Urge Swift Passage of Special Session Jobs Bills

MADISON–Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Wednesday began a statewide radio ad campaign urging citizens to call lawmakers to support Governor Scott Walker’s jobs legislation.

“People need to let their legislators know their constituents support Governor Walker’s jobs agenda,” said James A. Buchen, vice president of government relations for WMC. “Governor Walker has taken the lead on improving our business climate with tax cuts, regulatory reform, curbs on lawsuit abuse and other proposals. Now, lawmakers need to hear from the folks back home.”

The WMC ad says:

“There’s good news on job creation.

Governor Scott Walker has declared Wisconsin is Open for Business, and he’s got a plan for jobs.

Cut taxes . . . cut red tape . . . crack down on frivolous lawsuits.

Governor Scott Walker and his allies in the Legislature plan to improve our business climate so companies can create jobs again.”

Governor Walker this week proposed a series of bills aimed at improving Wisconsin’s business climate. Walker called a special session of the Legislature to pass the proposals.

“The time to act is now,” Buchen said. “Wisconsin’s Legislature needs to send a signal to the business community that our state truly is open for business.”

Wisconsin’s business climate in recent years has ranked poorly compared to other states, according to Forbes magazine and others.

“We need to unleash the job-creating potential of Wisconsin employers by improving our business climate,” Buchen said.

WMC supports a broad public policy agenda aimed at creating a competitive business climate. The WMC agenda is established by the 52-member board of directors. WMC represents 3,500 businesses that employ 500,000 workers.

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