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Rising Costs a Key Topic at Business Roundtable Featuring Congressman Steil

WMC & AFP-Wisconsin Hosted a Discussion on Policy Solutions to Promote a Prosperous Economy

KENOSHA – Local business leaders highlighted inflation, high interest rates, health care affordability and rising energy prices at a roundtable discussion in Kenosha on Wednesday featuring Congressman Bryan Steil. The event – hosted by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) and Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin (AFP) – was aimed at speaking with employers about policy solutions to these economic challenges.

“No matter where I am in Wisconsin, I am hearing more and more concern for our economic outlook,” said WMC President & CEO Kurt R. Bauer. “Rising costs across the board and a slowing economy are real problems. We appreciate Congressman Steil taking the time to listen to our members and discuss solutions that can get our economy back on track.”

The roundtable was part of a series of events co-hosted by WMC and AFP to show that Prosperity is Possible through forward-thinking policy solutions that rein in government spending, reduce costs for individuals and businesses, and break down barriers that are hampering economic growth.

“We are grateful for Congressman Steil and our state’s very own business leaders for their continuous work to challenge the status quo of Washington,” added AFP-Wisconsin State Director Megan Novak. “Yesterday’s event highlighted real solutions to lower costs, increase energy abundance, and opportunities to create economic growth and promote prosperity for all. We look forward to our continued collaboration to make Wisconsin the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

During the roundtable, Congressman Steil heard from area executives about a variety of economic challenges. From taxes and regulations to energy and health care, employers were unified in the opinion that rising costs are harming their ability to create news jobs and raise wages.

“High costs are clobbering Wisconsin families and seniors. Our discussion made clear that local employers are struggling with costly government regulations, workforce challenges, and steep health care costs that drive prices up even more,” said U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil. “We need to reverse course in Washington by controlling spending, reining in government regulations, and helping to bring prices down for families and employers.”

While attendees addressed a number of concerns about the economy, they were motivated by a variety of policy solutions suggested by Congressman Steil, WMC and AFP that would bring down costs and help fix the American and Wisconsin economics. The ideas included responsible budgeting at the federal level, cutting through bureaucratic red tape, lowering the tax burden on families and employers, and ensuring everyone has access to affordable and reliable energy.

“It is refreshing to have someone like Congressman Steil in Washington because not only does he support the business community, he understands how a business operates and what it takes to grow our economy,” said Colbert Packaging Corporation President John Lackner, who hosted the roundtable. “I want to thank the Congressman for joining us in Kenosha to hear from a variety of business leaders on how to improve our economy, and I want to thank all of the local employers who joined us, as well.”

WMC and AFP will continue to work together on similar events to promote policy solutions that ensure Prosperity is Possible for all Wisconsinites. Find out more at





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