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WMC Opposes New DNR PFAS Water System Guidance

WMC submitted comments to the state DNR in opposition to new water system guidance related to PFAS. The new guidance imposes reporting requirements when a drinking water system detects PFAS at levels that exceed the state’s so-called “PFAS Hazard Index,” which includes recommended levels for 18 PFAS. The guidance requires ongoing public notice (every 3 months), including the PFAS testing results and a recommendation for addressing the exceedance (such as replacing the well or treatment).

In comments, WMC noted the PFAS Hazard Index includes only recommendations, not requirements, and only two PFAS – PFOA and PFOS – have lawfully promulgated standards. WMC urged DNR to withdraw the guidance and instead utilize the transparent rulemaking process, to allow the public and the business community to weigh-in on the proposed standards.

Click here to read WMC’s comments.




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