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WMC Files Brief Supporting Enbridge in Case Against Michigan Governor

MADISON – Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce – the combined state chamber and manufacturers’ association – joined other chambers of commerce this week opposing Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s attempt to evade judgement from federal courts over her attempted shutdown of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline.

“Gov. Whitmer’s attempt to shut down Line 5 will hit Wisconsin families and businesses with higher energy costs at a time when they can least afford it,” said WMC Executive Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley. “WMC calls on Gov. Tony Evers to publicly and forcefully denounce Gov. Whitmer’s reckless actions, and demand that she immediately abandon this lawless effort.”

The chambers filed a brief with the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan in the case of Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership v. Gretchen Whitmer. WMC filed a brief in support of Enbridge, along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and the state chambers in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The pipeline delivers energy resources to multiple states, including Wisconsin. However, Gov. Whitmer’s shutdown order attempts to force the shutdown of a segment of the pipeline, cutting off residents and businesses from a needed energy source.

“Shutting down the pipeline would carry tremendous negative consequences for the Chambers’ members and the economies of the United States and Canada,” the brief reads. “Such a shutdown would constrain an already disrupted energy supply, an especially problematic development given recent decisions related to importation of petroleum products from Russia.”

Enbridge challenged Gov. Whitmer’s illegal order in federal court, but the governor has asked the Court to dismiss the lawsuit based on the claim her Administration simply will not enforce the shutdown order, even though it remains in effect.

“They are now trying to close the federal courthouse doors to a determination of whether the shutdown order is illegal under federal law while leaving the order in place,” the brief states. “Such tactics waste judicial resources and impose significant costs on litigants.”

WMC and the other chambers argue a decision is needed from the Court to ensure there are no negative impacts on the business community and urged the Court to deny Gov. Whitmer’s motion to dismiss.

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