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WMC Defends Middle-Class Jobs Tax Credit

MADISON – Gov. Tony Evers reiterated during his State of the State address on Tuesday that he will propose all but eliminating the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit, which has directly led to the creation of thousands of family-supporting jobs in Wisconsin. Following Gov. Evers’ remarks, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce President & CEO Kurt Bauer released the following statement defending small businesses, manufacturers, farmers and workers who would be negatively impacted by this multi-million dollar tax increase:

“Gov. Evers’ proposal to raise taxes on manufacturing and farming jobs will take our economy backward. While his rhetoric is meant to distract from the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit’s success, the truth is that nearly 90 percent of the credit goes to small businesses who invest their savings in new equipment and creating jobs. If Gov. Evers truly hopes to provide tax relief to Wisconsin’s middle-class families, raising taxes on their jobs is not the way to do it.”




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