Issues Mobilization Council, Inc. (WMC IMC)
WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc. (WMC IMC) is Wisconsin’s premier business issue advocacy organization. WMC IMC is the only issue advocacy group in the state affiliated with the state chamber of commerce and able to drive policy victories at the Capitol. WMC IMC delivers the message to the public to help them understand what it takes to create jobs in Wisconsin.

WMC Conduit (WMC’s Registered Conduit Fund)
The WMC Conduit is a conduit entity organized under Wis. Stat. 11.01(5). When you contribute funds to the Conduit, the money is transferred to the candidates you select. From time to time, we will recommend that you make contributions from your conduit account to specific candidates in key races. However, with this fund, it is entirely your decision who receives your contribution.

WMC Political Action Committee
WMC Poltical Action Committee is a traditional political action committee (PAC). All donations should be in the form of personal checks, or transfers from another political action committee. The WMC PAC board of directors decides which candidates to support, focusing on candidates in key targeted Senate and Assembly races. WMC PAC contributions will be used primarily to fund independent expenditure campaigns, phone banks, radio or print ads, as well as direct mail.