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Revitalizing the R&D Credit

Revitalizing the R&D Credit
Efforts continue to make the Wisconsin research credit refundable through the state budget process.  Last week, Briggs & Stratton hosted their local Joint Finance Committee lawmaker on the issue.  Other companies continue to plan (or attempted to plan!) meetings with key lawmakers to help make this push a reality.  The state budget work by the Joint Finance Committee could be wrapped up by the second or third week of June; final floor votes would come about one week later.
LFB Memo on Claiming Credit over 7 Years
Here is a link (to the second attachment) of a report outlining the fiscal impact of allowing accumulated credits to be claimed over 7 years.  The cost averages $100 million per year, which is a substantial hurdle for this cause to make with policymakers.
Refundable R&D One-Pager
We at WMC have pulled together a one-page briefing paper on the issue.  Feel free to draw on this information in your efforts to promote making this change to the credit.




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