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Reform Energy & Telecommunication Regulation

Legislative Agenda

We must continue the process of restructuring and appropriately deregulating portions of the electric utility and telecommunications industries in Wisconsin. Access to a secure supply of competitively priced energy, and an efficient telecommunications infrastructure, is essential to maintain a strong Wisconsin economy.


Encourage Electric Utility Restructuring
Ensure that Wisconsin moves at a prudent, yet deliberate, pace to improve reliability and restructure the energy industry into a competitive market.

Improve Energy Infrastructure
Appropriately expand the capacity of our energy infrastructure in a manner that will keep pace with the demands of our growing economy. Needed expansion includes: electric transmission lines, natural gas pipelines, and power plants utilizing a diverse mix of fuels to ensure an adequate supply of competitively priced energy.

Continue Telecommunications Restructuring
Provide a regulatory environment that encourages market-driven, private sector investment in telecommunications and resists efforts to re-regulate services, adds on unnecessary regulatory oversight, or uses regulation to manage the development of competition. As requests to remove regulation are made, regulators should act on them promptly.

Promote Energy Efficiency
Encourage investment in energy efficiency and appropriate cost effective renewable energy that will ease demand for finite energy resources, and reduce costs for commercial, industrial and residential energy customers.

Reform Nuclear Power Regulation
Reform nuclear power plan siting regulations to allow the Public Service Commission to consider new nuclear plants as a viable option in Wisconsin.




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