Let’s Keep Making Bold Reforms

2017-18 Legislative Session


WMC_LegAgenda_2017-18_coverWisconsin’s reform agenda has set the standard for other states to follow.

Working together, we’ve been able to save taxpayers more than $5 billion through public employee collective bargaining reforms. We’ve also frozen property taxes, providing badly-needed relief to Wisconsin families and businesses.

Through the leadership of Governor Walker and pro-growth lawmakers, Wisconsin has cut taxes by more than $2 billion since 2011, helping to ease what had become a growing burden on state taxpayers.

Last year also saw full implementation of the Manufacturing and Agricultural Tax Credit (MAC). This important credit fortifies two of Wisconsin’s economic “super sectors” that drive much of our state employment, and our economy as a whole. Literally thousands of family-supporting manufacturing jobs have been created since the Legislature enacted the MAC.

Perhaps the biggest reform in recent years was enactment of Right to Work. Wisconsin became the 25th Right to Work state in 2015, giving workers the freedom to choose whether or not to pay dues to a union. We have truly sent the signal that Wisconsin is serious about competing for jobs and economic growth.

Wisconsin’s transformation to a highly competitive state is well underway, but there is more work to be done.

We need to place a better system of checks and balances on state agency rulemaking by preventing any rule costing $10 million or more from becoming law unless and until the Legislature approves it. Reducing the cost of regulation is the most important thing lawmakers can do to improve our business climate, according to WMC members.

We also need to take steps to reduce the ongoing shortage of workers by better preparing students to be successful upon graduation from high school. The Legislature should provide incentives to schools to partner with local businesses to offer students opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, dual enrollment and job shadowing as part of their regular coursework.

There are many other areas, including tax reform, that need to be addressed in Wisconsin. What follows is an agenda to help unleash the economic potential of our state, and make Wisconsin the most competitive state in the nation. It’s an agenda for economic growth and prosperity for families.

Our team at WMC looks forward to working with Governor Walker and members of the Legislature to advance this agenda, and continue the progress we have already made to grow our economy.

The main focus areas in the 2017-18 Legislative Agenda are:

  • Regulatory Reform
  • Taxes & Government Spending
  • Education & Workforce
  • Civil Justice & Legal Reform
  • Environment & Energy
  • Human Resources & Employment Law
  • Affordable Health Care
  • Jobs & Economic Development
  • Transportation & Infrastructure


Click here to download the complete 2017-18 legislative agenda.