Improving our Business Climate: A Policy Agenda for the Top 10

2013-14 Legislative Session

Recent pro-growth legislative victories have made meaningful improvements to Wisconsin’s business climate. The enactment of comprehensive lawsuit reform, regulatory reform and tax reform in the 2011-2012 session of the Legislature has drawn national attention. In addition, the Act 10 reforms that helped balance our budget deficit without raising taxes have resulted in a positive credit rating for Wisconsin’s state finances.

These legislative victories have propelled Wisconsin forward in a number of key national rankings for business climate. For example, CEO Magazine ranks Wisconsin the 20th best state for business, up 23 spots from the 2008 ranking of 43. CNBC ranks Wisconsin the 17th best state for business, up 20 spots from our 2008 ranking. Finally, Site Selection Magazine ranks Wisconsin’s 2012 business climate as 13th best, marking the first time in 15 years our state has cracked the top 25.

WMC’s Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley wraps up the 2013-2014 session with Speaker Robin Vos

Wisconsin is clearly headed in the right direction, but there are additional steps we can take to make our business climate even better. Lawmakers must build upon our recent success by setting a goal of becoming a Top 10 state for business. The following legislative agenda provides an aggressive blueprint for policymakers to enact reforms that remove barriers to investment, provide a stable and
predictable regulatory environment, and reduce the cost and complexity of operating a business in Wisconsin.

Now more than ever, we must carry our positive momentum forward, and take the steps necessary to thrust Wisconsin into the Top 10 best states for business in the nation.

The main focus areas in the 2013-14 Legislative Agenda are:

  • Taxes and Government Spending
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Civil Justice & Legal Reform
  • Education & Workforce Preparedness
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Environment & Energy
  • Jobs & Economic Development
  • Affordable Health Care
  • Human Resources & Employment Law

Click here to download the complete legislative agenda.

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