2019-2020 Wisconsin Legislative Session


WMC Leg Agenda 2019-20_HiResBWisconsin begins the 2019-2020 Legislative Session with one of the best economies in our state’s history.

The past several years have seen significant increases in job growth, wage growth and overall economic output.

We broke a record with the state’s lowest unemployment rate ever, and were second in the nation in the number of family-supporting manufacturing jobs in 2018.

Unlike most states, Wisconsin’s public employee pension is fully funded, and responsible budgeting delivered yet another sizeable surplus at the end of the last fiscal year.

Over the past four sessions, Wisconsin taxes have been cut by a total of $8 billion. This incredible accomplishment has led to the lowest tax burden in 50 years.

None of these successes happened by accident. They are the result of very intentional policy decisions by lawmakers to position our state for economic success and prosperity for our families.

Cutting taxes, reducing the regulatory burden, promoting a fair and transparent legal system, and investing in a skilled workforce have enabled Wisconsin to realize the tremendous gains we have seen in recent years.

Lawmakers must continue to build upon these victories in order to build additional momentum behind our economy.

Despite our significant progress, we have some substantial challenges ahead that must be addressed.

Employers continue to struggle in their effort to find available workers, including workers who possess the skills necessary to meet the needs of today’s workforce.

Wisconsin continues to have some of the highest health care costs in the country, including medical costs in the worker’s compensation program. Because most people rely on employers for health insurance, and worker’s compensation is a mandatory social program, our employers face an enormous financial strain compared to their competition in other states.

Finally, Wisconsin’s income and property taxes are unacceptably high. Our property tax burden is the fifth highest in the nation, and our top income tax rate is the tenth highest in the country. We need to reduce these burdens to enhance our state’s economic competitiveness.

The policies in this legislative agenda serve as a roadmap for lawmakers to keep Wisconsin’s economy moving in the right direction, and ensure our state remains a competitive place to do business and invest.

We look forward to working with Governor Evers and members of the Legislature to enact these proposals, and meet the challenges that lie ahead with competitive policy solutions.

The main focus areas in the 2019-2020 Legislative Agenda are:

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