Sept 15, 2011 – WMC Transportation Committee Meeting


9 a.m. Call to Order

Introductions – Jason Culotta, WMC Representative

9:05 a.m. Discussion Topics:

·Status of the federal Surface Transportation Reauthorization and likely impact on Wisconsin — Jason Culotta

·Freight Rail update on the recent activity of the Wisconsin Central Group — John Varda and Jason Culotta

·Potential extension of Federal Motor Carrier Administration jurisdiction to shippers — John Varda

·Developments on independent contractor classification in trucking — John Varda

·Update on EOBR (Electronic On-Board Recorder) Rules, 7th Circuit Decision in Owner-Operators suit, potential impact on employers of commercial motor vehicle drivers (private and for-hire) — John Varda

·Rail competition investigations at the Surface Transportation Board (Ex Parte Nos. 704, 705 and 711) — John Varda

·Counsel’s Report

·WMC Staff Report