WMC applauds the Wisconsin legislature for passing mining reform. Read the latest press release here.

Wisconsin is fortunate to have one of the largest untapped iron ore deposit in North America located in our state. The twenty-two mile deposit is located near Hurley in Iron County, and extends to an area near Mellen in Ashland County. The site’s widest point is approximately 1,200 yards, and is estimated to contain up to 2.2 billion tons of iron ore.

Mining this ore provides an incredible economic opportunity for Wisconsin’s citizens. The project would create thousands of jobs in an area of Wisconsin that desperately needs them. However, the economic benefit of the mining project would extend to virtually every corner of the state. From mining equipment manufacturers in the Milwaukee area like P&H Mining and Bucyrus, to numerous foundries and suppliers throughout Wisconsin, the project will have a profoundly positive impact on jobs and our economy.

In order to unleash the economic potential of the mining project, and provide immediate job creation for Wisconsin, the Legislature adopted an iron ore mining statute. The legislation achieves the dual goals of allowing iron ore mining to move forward in a timely fashion, while ensuring that iron mining will be done in an environmentally responsible manner.

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