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Improve Education and Training

Legislative Agenda
A world-class education system from kindergarten to college, or technical school, is essential if Wisconsin business and industry is to remain competitive in the global economy. We need to pursue basic changes in the way we structure and deliver education in this state to include measuring outcomes, improving accountability, rewarding excellence, and encouraging innovation.
Promote Teacher Competency
Authorize school districts to utilize teacher competency evaluations for purposes of continuing employment and enhancing compensation.
Expand Charter Schools
Eliminate unnecessary barriers and burdensome requirements that limit the development of charter schools statewide.
Expand School Choice
Support communities that seek to expand the public/private school choice program to include their local school district, allowing parents to select either a public or private, sectarian or nonsectarian, school for their children to attend.
Encourage Employment Training
Establish tax incentives to encourage the expansion of employer-sponsored education and training opportunities in the workplace, as well as in our colleges, universities and technical schools.
Consolidate Training Programs
Consolidate and rationalize Wisconsin’s numerous employment training programs to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
Expand Employment Training Grants
Transition existing employment training tax credits into a cash grant program to more aggressively respond to potential business expansions.




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