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WMC Hails State Business Climate Improvement

MADISON – Wisconsin’s business climate has improved more than any other state, reports a new national survey of CEOs.

Wisconsin jumped from 41st business climate to 24th in a survey of 550 chief executive officers conducted by, an online publication for business executives. The survey was conducted January 14 through February 1.

“The improved ranking is proof that the nation’s top business leaders have noticed that Wisconsin is no longer in denial about the seriousness of its budget difficulties and is finally addressing the root cause of the problem; too much spending,” said Kurt R. Bauer, president & CEO of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. “The ranking also appears to acknowledge recently enacted reforms to improve the regulatory climate for business, most notably by reducing frivolous lawsuits.” credited Governor Scott Walker for his leadership on controlling spending and said Wisconsin is among the states “that have come to their senses.”

The survey rated the states on taxes and regulations, workforce quality, and living environment. Wisconsin drew highest ratings for workforce quality and living environment, and saw room for improvement in taxes and regulations.

“The great news is we are making progress on taxes and regulations,” Bauer said. “We can keep moving up the rankings if we remain steadfast in our commitment to make Wisconsin the most competitive state in the nation.”

Bauer noted that Wisconsin now ranks among the most competitive states in the Industrial Midwest. Indiana ranked 6th, Iowa ranked 27th, Minnesota ranked 29th, Ohio ranked 43rd, Illinois ranked 45th, and Michigan ranked 48th.

“We can keep improving our business climate, but it will take leadership from the business community and at the Capitol,” Bauer said.

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