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Common Sense Regulation Reforms Will Improve Business Climate

MADISON – Wisconsin’s business climate will continue to improve if the regulation relief passed by the Legislature is signed into law, WMC said Wednesday.

“The Legislature and the governor are to be commended for supporting common sense regulation relief that will provide certainty for businesses and retain needed environmental protections,” said Scott Manley, WMC environmental policy director. “These long-sought reforms are critical to improving our business climate,” Manley added.

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, which represents 3,500 businesses, supported the proposal. A recent survey of Wisconsin CEOs found that regulations in Wisconsin are burdensome, and even more burdensome than in other states.

The proposal approved Tuesday in the Assembly includes restricting rule making authority, gubernatorial review of rules, cost-benefit analysis requirements and allowing rules to be challenged in any county in the state. The proposal previously passed the Senate and is supported by Governor Scott Walker, who requested the reforms as part of his special session on jobs. reported earlier this month that Wisconsin had jumped into the top 25 for business climate, but said the state still needed improvements in regulations.

“These are significant regulatory reforms that will get the attention of business executives throughout the country,” Manley said. “These changes should help improve our business climate and help businesses create jobs.”

WMC testified in support of the Legislation, and told lawmakers that the reforms were needed. WMC’s survey of CEOs last fall found that 97 percent said Wisconsin regulations are more expensive than other states.

Additionally, 72 percent reported that regulations were a significant factor in retaining employees, and 62 percent said Wisconsin’s regulations are very costly.

“These reforms will provide an environment that helps businesses create new jobs,” Manley said.

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