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WMC Testifies in Support of Legislation That Would Expand School Choice to All Families in Wisconsin

WMC Director of Workforce, Education & Employment Policy Rachel Ver Velde, testified in support of Assembly Bill 970, legislation that would expand school choice options to all families in Wisconsin. This bill would remove the current statewide pupil participation limits on the program, it would eliminate the family income limits for eligibility and it would create an education expense reimbursement program (micro-ESA) for public schools.

For years, Wisconsin has increased K-12 funding, but the educational outcomes have not improved. Expanding school choice would provide our K-12 education system the reform it desperately needs and it would give students access to multiple education options so they can find the school that best meets their needs. Especially in light of the workforce shortage, the Wisconsin business community supports expanding school choice to ensure that our future workforce has the basic competencies and skills for the workplace.

Read full testimony here.




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