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Clarifications to the Manufacturing R&D Sales Tax Exemption

The 2009-11 state budget created a sales and use tax exemption for manufacturing and biotechnology research.  This exemption applies to businesses primarily engaged in manufacturing and biotechnology for purchases of machinery and equipment used, or items that are consumed or destroyed while being used, exclusively and directly in qualified research.
The 2013-15 state budget makes two changes to this sales tax exemption:

  • A member of a combined group is eligible to receive the exemption if at least one member of the combined group is either engaged in manufacturing or is engaged primarily in biotechnology; and
  • A business qualifying for the manufacturing exemption must be engaged in manufacturing at a building assessed as manufacturing property under s. 70.995 of state statute (replacing the earlier requirement that the qualifying business be primarily engaged in manufacturing).

The new changes take effect after the budget bill is published as state law.




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