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WMC’s Scott Manley Opposes Heavy Truck Tax on Milwaukee, Green Bay Radio

WMC Senior Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley made it known this week that WMC members were strongly opposed to the potential heavy truck tax that was being floated by the legislature as a way to pay for the transportation budget.
After the proposal was released to media by WMC, Manley spoke with numerous media outlets about why it was both anti-business and anti-consumer. Continuing to fight for WMC’s members on Friday morning, Manley blasted the plan during a discussion with Jay Weber on NewsTalk 1130AM WISN in Milwaukee and Jerry Bader on 1360AM WTAQ in Green Bay.
Listen to both interviews here:

Shortly after Manley’s morning interviews, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told reporters that the proposal – which would have raised taxes on truckers by $250 million in the upcoming budget – was “dead” in the Senate.