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WMC Urges EPA Administrator McCarthy to Tour a Factory, Not a Library

Job-killing Coal Rules Will Hurt Wisconsin Families, WMC says

MADISON – U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy should tour a Wisconsin factory instead of a library in the wake of job-killing coal rules she is proposing on power plants.
McCarthy is touring the Madison Public Library in downtown Madison today. She will not be touring any manufacturing facilities while she is in the state.
WMC Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley said today:
“The EPA rule will strike at the heart of the Wisconsin economy, cost our families jobs and drive up electric bills. It’s a war on coal and Wisconsin’s families will be collateral damage to a policy that does not provide meaningful environmental benefit. Wisconsin relies on coal for more than 60 percent of the electricity to power our manufacturing economy. We are dependent on affordable energy to attract and retain family-supporting manufacturing jobs. The new EPA coal rules increase the price of electricity and threaten jobs here.
Ms. McCarthy should visit a factory to explain to shop floor workers why we need an incredibly expensive and job-threatening rule that EPA’s own analysis says will have a negligible impact on carbon levels.”
For Further Information Contact:
Scott Manley, (608) 258-3400





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