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WMC Thanks Governor Walker for Signing Phosphorus Reform into Law

Family Sustaining Jobs Preserved While Improving the Environment
MADISON – This week Governor Walker signed Senate Bill (SB) 547, monumental reform regarding the state’s phosphorus discharge requirements, and the reform drew praise from the Wisconsin chamber of commerce.
Eric Bott, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy for Wisconsin’s Chamber of Commerce – WMC – issued the following statement regarding passage of SB 547:
“WMC thanks Governor Walker for his leadership in addressing this critical issue to Wisconsin employers and municipalities. The Governor’s actions are likely to save hundreds, if not thousands of family supporting jobs in quintessential Wisconsin industries like paper production, cheese making, and food processing.
“Wisconsin’s existing phosphorus regulations are some of the most stringent in the nation and would have mandated that employers invest hundreds of millions, and perhaps billions of dollars on compliance technology that would have had only modest impacts on our environment at best. With the stroke of the Governor’s pen, these employers should now have a better tool to address phosphorus impairment in Wisconsin’s waterways in a smarter, more cost effective way.”
For Further Information Contact:
Eric Bott, (608) 258-3400





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