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WMC Tackles Tough Issues Online With “Two-Minute Drill”

New Video Stories Tell the Business Perspective on Hot Topics
MADISON – Wisconsin’s toughest business issues are being tackled in quick, two-minute video bursts by WMC, Wisconsin’s chamber of commerce, in a new weekly online news show called “Two-minute Drill.”
Click here to see the complete compilation of the “Two-Minute Drill” online commentaries. Click here to see the most recent discussion of the national debt from WMC President/CEO Kurt R. Bauer.
“Wisconsin businesses and opinion leaders need to get information quickly and concisely and our ‘Two-Minute Drill’ provides insight on the news that you can’t get anywhere else,” said Bauer. “These videos are a great way for WMC to drive discussions on public policy for WMC members in their offices, in their homes, and even on their smart phones.”
WMC has produced and distributed 16 episodes, and they are all archived online at
In the past few months, WMC “Two-Minute Drill” episodes have covered Right to Work, worker skills gap, high capacity wells, manufacturer income tax credit, new state tax auditors, EPA ozone rules, UW funding, gas tax hikes, and regulations run amok.
“As issues become more complex, it’s good to be able to summarize a tough issue like Right to Work with real commentary from business executives and WMC’s policy team,” Bauer said.
Under Bauer’s leadership, WMC has launched a video production facility and increased web content on business issues that is distributed to WMC members and others.
The “Two-Minute Drill” has been well-received at the Capitol, Bauer said.
“Legislative staff, lawmakers and key policy makers rely on the tight, incisive commentaries to help them understand issues so they can better explain policies to their constituents,” Bauer said.
Bauer said that as the state’s media have evolved with the onset of the web, it’s critical for the business community to deliver messages directly online.
“We can take our case to our members and the public and ensure that the business voice is heard,” Bauer said.
For Further Information Contact:
Kurt R. Bauer, (608) 258-3400






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