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WMC Statement on Wisconsin Supreme Court Act 10 Ruling

Statement by WMC President/CEO Kurt R. Bauer on the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling on Act 10.

“A recent WMC member survey revealed that the most important issue for Wisconsin business leaders is state fiscal policy. Fiscal policy beat out reducing taxes, health care affordability and access to reliable and affordable energy. That tells you how much Wisconsin’s business community values state and local government living within its means.
Act 10 is a landmark achievement for Wisconsin. It has saved taxpayers billions and it has saved public employee jobs. Act 10 has also helped improve Wisconsin’s business climate by removing the threat of tax and fee increases caused by deficits.
WMC applauds Governor Walker and the Wisconsin Legislature for having the courage to enact Act 10 in 2011. And we applaud the Wisconsin Supreme Court for ruling today to uphold it.”





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