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WMC Statement on Right to Work Lawsuit

Madison – Today a Dane County judge struck down 2015 Act 1, Wisconsin’s Right to Work law.
WMC Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Scott Manley, issued the following statement in response to the judge’s decision:
“The judge’s ruling is an act of blatant judicial activism that will not withstand appellate review. Judge Foust came to the absurd and legally untenable conclusion that labor unions have a property right to the wages of workers.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first instance where a Dane County judge has placed his own personal beliefs above the rule of law and the will of duly elected lawmakers. The flawed legal arguments upheld by Judge Foust have been rejected by state and federal courts across the country, and will be rejected again when judges who actually apply the law and uphold the Constitution have an opportunity to review the case.
Today’s decision is a loss for workers who will be forced to pay dues to a union against their will because Judge Foust believes unions have a property right to their money.”





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