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WMC Statement on Outsourcing Debate Between Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidates

Statement from WMC President/CEO Kurt R. Bauer on outsourcing debate between Wisconsin gubernatorial candidates.

“There are many factors that drive manufacturing outsourcing decisions, including access to markets and supply chains. But the number one factor for most manufacturers is the cost of production.

To that point, manufacturing production costs in the U.S. are 20 percent higher, excluding labor, than in other industrialized nations, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.
If the goal is to reduce the number of outsourced Wisconsin manufacturing jobs, then lower the costs of production for Wisconsin manufacturers, including taxes, regulations, energy, health care and frivolous lawsuits.
The key question not being asked in this outsourcing debate is which candidate for governor supports reducing the costs of production in Wisconsin, like the Manufacturers’ and Agricultural Production Tax Credit that protects literally thousands of Wisconsin factory and farm jobs.”
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