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WMC Statement on Obama Green House Gas Agreement with China


Madison – On Wednesday, President Obama announced an intention on the part of the United States to reduce Green House Gas emissions by 26-28% by 2025 and an intention on the part of China to stop increasing its emissions around 2030 and to utilize more alternative energy sources 15 years from now. Eric Bott, WMC Director of Environmental and Energy Policy, issued the following statement reacting to the loosely framed deal:
“The deal cut between President Obama and China is a bad deal for Wisconsin families and manufacturers because it requires America to make significant and costly short term emission reductions while giving China a free pass until 2030.”
“Wisconsin families and employers will pay dearly through higher utility bills, making our state and nation less competitive with China for 15 years while China gets to reap the rewards of low cost energy produced from coal. Furthermore, it’s hard to put faith in China’s stated intentions when on the same day that this deal was announced, it was widely reported that China has been hacking into our weather satellites and computer networks.”
“These are the types of major policy decisions that should be made by our elected representatives in Congress, as opposed to a unilateral decision by a President serving a lame duck term.”

For More Information Contact:
Eric Bott, WMC, 608.258.3400





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