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New EPA Rule Will Kill Jobs, Raise Energy Prices
MADISON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today proposed a global warming regulation that will significantly increase the cost of electricity for Wisconsin consumers, and kill thousands of jobs, according to WMC, the state’s chamber of commerce.
WMC Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley said:
“The rule targets our fleet of coal-fired power plants, and is likely to inflict dramatic and irreversible harm to our economy if it is allowed to move forward.
The EPA’s global warming rule will be especially destructive to manufacturing jobs in our state.  Wisconsin has the second most manufacturing jobs per capita in the United States, and those jobs rely upon affordable and reliable energy to remain viable.  
The EPA’s new global warming rule is a lose-lose proposition for energy consumers and workers.  It represents the worst kind of regulation in that it has enormous and painful costs, and essentially no benefit.
President Obama should explain why middle class manufacturing workers in Wisconsin should lose thousands of family-supporting jobs each year in the name of global warming alarmism, while other countries continue to increase emissions.
Wisconsinites deserve to know why we should be forced to commit an act of unilateral economic disarmament.”





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