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WMC Launches Employee Economic Education Program

Animations Teach Wisconsin Workers About Impact of Government Policies
MADISON – Wisconsin’s Chamber of Commerce (WMC) is urging employers to educate their employees about how government policies affect their employees’ livelihood in an innovative series of animated videos, WMC announced Monday.
“We are launching a series of animations that employers can email to their workers or post on their company social media sites to help workers understand the importance of good public policy,” said Kurt R. Bauer, WMC President/CEO.
Click here to view the WMC animations developed by the WMC Foundation.
“The four animations are intended to help employers quickly and easily educate employees about taxes, collective bargaining reform, regulations and lawsuit reform,” Bauer said. “Government policies can make businesses more competitive, and that helps make more money available for wages and benefits. Or, government policies can drive up businesses expenses and that hurts workers. We want all Wisconsin workers to understand how policies affect them and their families.”
The hand-sketch, whiteboard animations tell the stories of taxes, Act 10, regulations, and lawsuits in common everyday language and clever graphics.
The animations will be emailed to all WMC members, and are posted here.
“Employers need to feel comfortable talking to their employees about public policy because studies have found that workers trust their employers with information about issues that affect their businesses,” Bauer said.
In addition to the animations, WMC has compiled a legislative scorecard to help employers and employees understand which lawmakers are pro-business. “These tools help the public understand who is working for jobs and who is working against jobs,” Bauer said.
For Further Information Contact:
Kurt R. Bauer, (608) 258-3400





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