About Us

WMC Foundation was founded in 1980 by Wisconsin business leaders who understood that business and economics education is fundamental to a healthy and prosperous state. Today, the 501(c)(3) charitable Foundation remains committed to improving our economy and ensuring a high quality of life for all citizens by providing educational programs and information sources.

WMC Foundation believes informed teachers better prepare students for the workforce, well-educated students become high quality employees and employers, and safer workplaces help attract and keep professionals and their families.

Our Mission

WMC Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to building a better Wisconsin by providing educational programs on business issues, the free enterprise system, economics, workforce development initiatives and safety training.

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Our Programs

The Future Wisconsin Project

What will Wisconsin look like in 20 years? What will our workforce look like? What sort of businesses will thrive in our economy? How will our tech colleges and universities stack up to those in other states? What sort of jobs will be available? Will we have enough people to fill the jobs? The WMC Foundation is working with public and private partners to identify, answer and be prepared for the outcome of those questions.

Wisconsin Business World

Business World® is designed to provide students and teachers from across the state with an experience that demonstrates the value of business and economics education.

Wisconsin Safety Council

The Wisconsin Safety Council is the state’s leading provider of workplace safety training and programming. WSC is the reason more people go home safely from manufacturing plants every day.

Awards Programs and Best Practices

WMC honors best practices for manufacturing, service industry, environmental protection, education, and safety.

Our Major Sponsors

We are honored to have the support of our sponsors to help make our programs happen.  Click here for complete list of our generous sponsors.

To learn more about how you can sponsor an event or program, please contact WMC Foundation Executive Director Wade Goodsell, 608.258.3400.